Australia’s Foreign Policy

Since the 2003 White Paper, Advancing the National Interest, Australia has routinely undermined global norms. We have been at the forefront of breaking global commitments on military intervention, on the climate crisis and on development, to name just three. This article discusses the Government’s proposed new direction on foreign policy. (2017)


Inside the Aid/Watch case

This article explores the interaction between legal and political strategy in producing social change. It centres on a long-running dispute in Australia over whether charities can have a dominant political purpose. (2011)


History of Land Reform

Land registration is rooted in colonial processes of land acquisition for public interest and commercial production. This factsheet takes a brief look at examples from former colonies illustrate the lasting influence of such practices in the present day. (2009)


Customary Land in Australia and PNG

Land rights legislation in both Australia and PNG has the dual purpose of facilitating claims of Indigenous Peoples in alienated land but also to allow commercial access. This factsheet looks at the issues of leasing of customary land for public services and infrastructure in both countries. (2009)


Land Reform in Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu

Land is the most important resource for the Melanesian peoples of PNG and Vanuatu, most of the land still exists under customary title. Australian aid’s push for land reform land threatens to disrupt the security that the land provides to many. (2009)


People and Land in Papua New Guinea

An issues paper by Steven Sukot of the Bismark Ramu Group, an extract from his presentation at the PNG NGO AusAID’s Pacific Land Conference in Port Vila, Vanuatu (2008)


Aid in East Timor

An overview of Australian Aid activities in East Timor. (2006)


Australian Aid to Papua New Guinea | PART 1

Australian aid to PNG The Boomerang effect continues: Part I. (2005)


Australian Aid to Papua New Guinea | PART 2

Australian aid to PNG The Boomerang effect continues: Part 2. (2005)


Privatising and Corporatising Australia’s Water

An overview of Australia’s pathway to privatisation and the disastrous consequences of experiments with water privatisation schemes. (2002)


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