#StopLandGrabs #EndCorporateImpunity #RealAidNotBadAid


#StopLandGrabs #EndCorporateImpunity #RealAidNotBadAid


Human Rights Defender: ABC Radio National Wantok program

AID/WATCH partner from the Paga Hill community and human rights defender Allan Mogerama talks to Hilda Wayne on ABC Radio National’s Wantok program about his community’s ongoing #Justice4Paga campaign that seeks redress for the human rights violations they have faced with the illegal eviction of their informal settlement, and compensation for their homes that were demolished by two Australian companies, the Paga Hill Development Company and Curtain Brothers and the PNG State.

Julie Bishop accused of breaching standards with new aid job

“I really do question whether this should happen it undermines the integrity of the aid program interns of the extent to which it is seen to not be delivering on its purpose which is to offer development assistance.“ James Goodman, Chair of AID/WATCH

Paga Hill Community take their issue to the United Nations

MEDIA RELEASE: A resilient community from Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea’s capital city was represented by Human Rights Defender and Paga Hill youth leader, Allan Mogerema at the Human Rights Defender’s Advocacy Program (HRDAP) with the International Service for Human Rights (ISHR) from 17-28 June in Geneva, Switzerland. Mr. Mogerema delivered a joint statement at the 41st UN Human Rights Council.

AID/WATCH Annual Report

2018 was a year of consolidation for AID/WATCH, where we rebuilt our internal structures, strengthened our on-the-ground links with community-based organisations in Papua New Guinea, and collaborated with partner organisations in Australia to undertake joint campaigning. Through the year we developed a new proposal for a new ‘Global Justice Project’, which is now to be created in 2019.


Aid/Watch will be holding our 2018 Annual General Meeting at 6pm on Tuesday 14th June from 6-8pm.

Paga Hill leader to stage protest in Canberra

Allan Mogerema, Paga Hill youth leader from Papua New Guinea will stage a peaceful protest outside the Canberra parliament to call for justice for his community, who were allegedly illegally evicted and homes demolished by two Australian companies. His action is being supported by AID/WATCH and the Aboriginal Tent Embassy.


WEBINAR: Post-extractivism: How do we move beyond mining?

Around the world, communities, nature and the climate are being devastated by large scale extraction of minerals and metals. Driven by a growth-obsessed economic system that is exceeding planetary limits and mass unsustainable consumption by the few, the world’s appetite for minerals is growing insatiably, encouraging aggressive corporate tactics and state violence to secure resources.

APEC, Aid and Land Grabbing

Come along to USYD on Thursday 15 November to watch a The Opposition documentary about the Paga Hill land grab followed by a discussion about all things APEC, Aid & Land Grabbing with Paga Hill community leader Allan Mogerema, AID/WATCH co-founder & former Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon and AID/WATCH Campaign Coordinator, Natalie Lowrey.

Disaster Capitalism

The world believes that aid is used to rebuild the lives of those most in need, but is this the truth? Disaster Capitalism film screening, May 7, 6:30 PM – 8 PM, Hoyts Australia BROADWAY.

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