Aid/Watch is as strong as its membership

If you are not already a member, join AidWatch for the price of a large latte at $5 per year. We also encourage organisational memberships.

Consider a lasting legacy to support our work by nominating AidWatch as one of your beneficiaries in your superannuation fund and your will. You can be sure that we stretch your dollars further than any of the NGOs out there.

Become an AID/WATCH member today!

Regular donations give us the strength, stability, and flexibility to be able to react to a changing world.

Aid/Watch is small.

We operate with a meagre budget through the dedication of our staff and overseas partners. We have survived for 27 years and we are still here.

We do awesome work.

Become an AID/WATCH member for as little as $5 p/year. Your membership will help us campaign for justice and build a more equal world.

As a member, you will:

  • Receive regular updates on our work
  • Have the chance to participate in defining our work and strategy through regular strategy workshops
  • Enjoy research and reports being sent directly to you
  • Be able to contribute to our campaigns by contributing to newsletters and research
  • Have the opportunity to vote or stand for election of the AID/WATCH Committee of Management 


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