Donate to our EOFY Appeal: Time for a Reset!

Help us get to $10,000 for this EOFY Appeal so Aid/Watch can continue not only our ongoing work but also help us focus on the immediate and pressing question of a post-COVID Global Justice Reset. Check out our appeal HERE

At AID/WATCH we do not accept donations from government or corporations to ensure that we are free and independent to challenge and expose Australian aid, trade and commercial interests that perpetuate injustice and inequality. Whilst we are a small team with most of our work done on a voluntary basis, we really do make every dollar count.

Donate today to create a more transparent and just use of Australia’s aid money and to hold corporations and those in power to account.

You can also join our movement today for global justice – become an AID/WATCH member for as little as $5/per year. Or better become an AID/WATCH monthly donor. Regular donations give us the strength, stability, and flexibility to be able to react to a changing world.

All donations over $2 are fully tax-deductible!

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