“The Budget commits $251 million to climate aid. This is derisory. Australia’s fair share is at least $2 billion. We are denying real help to societies that today are bearing the brunt of climate change,” said AID/WATCH spokesperson, Dr James Goodman.

In its recent submission to the Government Review of the Aid Program, AID/WATCH cites World Bank reports that there has to be at least $70 billion spent on climate change adaptation in developing countries, in addition to existing overseas aid. AID/WATCH calculates that Australia should therefore spend at least $2 billion annually on helping countries adapt to climate change.

Dr Goodman added, “Even the $251 million is double-counted. It is reported to the United Nations as climate financing that is additional to Overseas Development Assistance. Yet the same $251 million is reported to Parliament as ODA. It can’t be both.”

AID/WATCH is also concerned that Australia’s climate aid is being used to develop carbon offsets for use by Australian emitters, rather than to reduce net emissions and address the real impacts of climate change.

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