We are Australia’s independent monitor of international aid and trade policy. We focus on the systems that cause poverty and inequality and campaign to end the use of aid to further Australia’s economic national interest and the expense of the poor.

We challenge Australian government agencies, multilateral agencies, corporations and NGO that use aid and trade to undermine the ability of people in developing countries to determine their own.



We run committed long term campaigns by mobilising public support both locally and internationally to create awareness of how inequality and poverty is sustained.


We advocate to the government for policy change to ensure social and environmental justice is at the heart of the aid program.

Critical Monitoring

We critically monitor the aid and trade activities of the government, and how they link to multilateral institutions, corporations, international financial institutions and NGO’s and respond and engage publicly to policy developments.

Investigative Research

We conduct detailed investigative research into programs which further the Australian national interests at the expense of the rights of people and the environment

Give Voice to those who need it

We amplify the voices of our partners in Melanesia by taking direction from them to support the defence of customary land and counter the negative effects of AusAID land reform programs.