The PACER plus free trade agreement is being strongly supported by the two biggest political players in the region, Australia and New Zealand.

This week, Samoa’s Deputy Prime Minister, Misa Telefoni Retzlaff, told Pacific Beat that his government support the trade agreement and was looking forward to it being in place. But other Pacific countries have not been as quick to give it support. NGO’s with a trade focus – chiefly the ‘Pacific Network on Globalisation’ or PANG have also raised concerns about it.

Wes Morgan was a researcher and communications officer with PANG. He is now in Melbourne studying for his Masters Degree, focussing on Pacific trade, and the concerns he still has with an over arching free trade agreement. So if Samoa likes PACER Plus, why does PANG remain opposed? Wes Morgan went to the Radio Australia Melbourne studios, where he spoke to Pacific Correspondent Campbell Cooney.

Presenter: Pacific Correspondent Campbell Cooney
Speaker: Former researcher and communication officer with the ‘Pacific Network on Globalisation’ Wes Morgan 

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