Grassroots Development targets disadvantaged groups through small, locally based projects. The overall aim is to empower people to become self-reliant through projects that take into account their specific environment and needs. These projects usually involve training and education programs to transfer skills and build the capacity and confidence of local organisations and communities. This approach at its most successful allows the benefits of a project to continue beyond the duration of the project itself.

Humanitarian/Emergency Relief focuses on relief in times of disaster such as earthquakes, floods and cyclones. NGOs in this area aim to gain access to disaster zones as quickly as possible to provide emergency health services and food aid.

Advocacy aims to draw public attention to an issue and influence government policy either on behalf of, or alongside, a particular community interest group. In the international development context advocacy is normally associated with communities in the majority world. Different NGOs target specific communities, groups or sectors in their advocacy work. Advocacy can be approached through NGO participation in high level policy dialogues, lobbying, or through grassroots and community campaigning. Approaches to advocacy and the level of involvement of affected communities differ with each organisation.

Volunteer programs run by NGOs facilitate sending volunteers overseas to offer technical assistance, project support and capacity building in a variety of sectors such as nursing, education, engineering and agriculture.


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