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Thursday 23 September 2021   |  Download Media Alert

Australian groups have joined a global network of communities directly impacted by lithium mining, who are warning against drastically expanding mining in the name of ‘Green Energy’.

The launch of the statement paper Is Australian Lithium the answer to Zero Emissions? talks to the role of Australian (ASX) lithium mining companies and Australian policies in the creation of new environmental and human rights concerns, both in Australia and overseas.

Challenging the idea that we can dig our way out of the climate crisis by simply replacing coal mining with other forms of mining, the paper highlights the need for alternatives to ‘green’ extractivism. Such alternatives include Indigenous practices and knowledge systems in their protection of country for future generations.

Australian Statement: Is Australian Lithium the answer to Zero Emissions?
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Endorsed by Melbourne Rainforest Action Group (MRAG) and Aid/Watch – members of Australian Mining Energy Justice Transition network and Yes to Life no to Mining (YLNM) global networks – the statement is in support of YLNM’s Lithium Communique #1: On the Frontlines of Lithium Mining.

Global Lithium Communique #1:On the Frontlines of Lithium Mining
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Claire Burgess, co-author
PhD student University of Tasmania

Liz Downes, co-author
Melbourne Rainforest Action Group

Nat Lowrey, contributing author