Photo: Human rights defender and Paga Hill youth leader, Allan Mogerema (far left) with the Human Rights Defender’s Advocacy Program (HRDAP) 2019 cohort with the International Service for Human Rights (ISHR) and Kate Gilmore, United Nations Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights (centre, back row)


AID/WATCH partner from the Paga Hill community and human rights defender Allan Mogerema talks to Hilda Wayne on ABC Radio National’s Wantok program (at this link Allan’s interview starts at 24:40 mins) about his community’s ongoing #Justice4Paga campaign that seeks redress for the human rights violations they have faced with the illegal eviction of their informal settlement, and compensation for their homes that were demolished by two Australian companies, the Paga Hill Development Company and Curtain Brothers and the PNG State.

[Tok Pisin] Human rights activist itok long displa hevi bilong ol setelmen pipol bilong Paga Hill long Port Moresby City.

LISTEN to interview with Allan Mogerema in Tok Pisin (Thursday 4th July 2019)


**Note** Allan Mogerema nor any member of the Paga Hill community has ever claimed that they are customary landowners of Paga Hill. They are not asking for the land at Paga Hill to be given back only for the redress of human rights violations they have suffered; compensation of their houses that were demolished at the hands of two Australian companies and the PNG state; and for the community to be relocated with adequate housing as per the rights of all Papua New Guineans under the PNG Constitution and International Human Rights law. The Paga Hill leaders and community have always stood in solidarity with the Motu Koita customary owners of Port Moresby and stand against all forms of land grabbing and human rights violations.

AID/WATCH, nor any of its partners, including the International State Crime Initiative, Jubilee Australia, Human Rights Law Centre and The Opposition Film are benefiting from corporations or Australian taxpayers. Our work, as per our non-governmental organisational mandates, is to highlight and hold accountable Australian corporate impunity and the Australian government in regards to human rights violations that our partners in developing and/or Global South countries are facing.

It is has been alleged that misinformation that is being spread about Allan Mogerema, the Paga Hill community and our partners is being led by a person that has been bought off for their own financial and personal gain. This is continued harassment and defamation and is shameful that it is being played against our local partners that sacrifice so much for the rights of their communities.


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