Earth Laws Month 2022

Green extractivism and the Australian energy transition

This webinar on Green Extractivism and the Australian Energy Transition was part of the Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA) Earth Laws Month 2022.

Scouring the globe, Australian corporations and investors are expanding into new territories, both domestically and internationally, for new sources of “critical and strategic” minerals for the “green energy transition” to a zero-carbon world.These minerals include lithium, copper, nickel, rare earth, and cobalt.

In this presentation, Liz Downes (lead researcher and author) and Nat Lowrey (Aid/Watch) will present the research of an upcoming report that Aid/Watch Australia will be launching in October 2022.

The research maps Australian ‘Green Extractivism’ projects, domestically and internationally, and identifies key intersecting issues through case studies including socio-environmental impacts; greenwashing; sacrifice zones; supply chains; ESG; corporate-state power; energy security; and militarisation. The report highlights the need for us to consider alternative pathways beyond extractivism toward a liveable future for ourselves and our planet.

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