WEBINAR – Post-extractivism: How do we move beyond mining? Australian perspectives

** Wednesday 19th June at 6pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)
** Zoom Link – https://zoom.us/j/820685645
** Co-hosted by global network Yes to Life No to Mining (YLNM) and New Economy Network Australia (NENA)


Around the world, communities, nature and the climate are being devastated by large scale extraction of minerals and metals. Driven by a growth-obsessed economic system that is exceeding planetary limits and mass unsustainable consumption by the few, the world’s appetite for minerals is growing insatiably, encouraging aggressive corporate tactics and state violence to secure resources.

But can we live without large-scale, destructive mining? And what would a post-extractivist future look like?

This webinar is part of a global series organised by “Yes to Life, No to Mining”, that’s bringing researchers, front line communities and activists together to explore the following key questions:

* What is ‘post-extractivism’?
* What does a post-extractivist economy look like?
* How are communities around the world protecting and/or building regenerative rather than extractive systems?
* What role can building a new economy play, in reducing our reliance on mining and extractivism?


Chair – Dr Michelle Maloney, Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA) and New Economy Network Australia (NENA)

** Natalie Lowrey, Coordinator, Aid/Watch and Regional Coordinator for Yes to Life No to Mining. Natalie will speak about ‘post-extractivism’ – what it is, and why more communities and NGOs around the world are exploring life beyond extractivism.

** Geoff Evans works at Julalikari Council Aboriginal Corporation, Tennant Creek, NT. Geoff will talk about the work being done by Indigenous communities around Tennant Creek to advocate for the management of orphaned gold mines in their region, as well as existing lead/zinc mining and proposed shale gas fracking that pose detrimental impacts on the environment and communities.

** Elsa Dominish, Senior Researcher, UTS Institute For Sustainable Futures. Elsa will talk about Impacts of mining for renewable energy based on their recent report – https://earthworks.org/publications/responsible-minerals-sourcing-for-renewable-energy/

** Anthony Amis and Liz Downes, Rainforest Action Group (Melbourne) (MRAG). MRAG is working in solidarity with Indigenous communities in Ecuador that are seeing Australian companies (BHP, Gina Rinehart, Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrester etc.) open up mining that threatens their communities and environment.


For information about the global webinar series, please visit the Yes to Life, No to MIning website: http://www.yestolifenotomining.org/beyond-mining-australian-perspectives-on-post-extractivism/ s.

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