AID/WATCH Annual Report

2018 was a year of consolidation for AID/WATCH, where we rebuilt our internal structures, strengthened our on-the-ground links with community-based organisations in Papua New Guinea, and collaborated with partner organisations in Australia to undertake joint campaigning. Through the year we developed a new proposal for a new ‘Global Justice Project’, which is now to be created in 2019.

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Aid/Watch will be holding our 2018 Annual General Meeting at 6pm on Tuesday 14th June from 6-8pm.

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Paga Hill leader to stage protest in Canberra

Allan Mogerema, Paga Hill youth leader from Papua New Guinea will stage a peaceful protest outside the Canberra parliament to call for justice for his community, who were allegedly illegally evicted and homes demolished by two Australian companies. His action is being supported by AID/WATCH and the Aboriginal Tent Embassy.

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Paga Hill iconic human rights film banned from PNG festival

Internationally acclaimed investigative documentary, The Opposition, about Paga Hill community’s fight for justice from the illegal eviction and demolition of their homes in Papua New Guinea’s capital of Port Moresby has been banned from screening at the PNG Human Rights Festival.

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